CaptRF Killoran-1st

Log of voyage in Barque “Killoran” of Glasgow

Richard J Farrell  2nd Officer

C. McWattie         1st Mate

F. Pyne   Captain

Voyage commenced 29th September 1917

Voyage completed 2nd February 1919

First passage

29th September 1917

Tug “Egad” took us in tow from ‘Tail of the Bank’ Greenock.  Got instructions from the Admiralty to go to Lough Swilly.  We are patent fuel laden bound to Santos, Brazil.  Ailsa Craig abeam at 12:40 a.m. we set main topmast and middle staysails mizzen and mizzen topmast and middle staysails, inner jib and fore t’mast staysails to help the tug, wind S.W. blowing strong and raining.  The ‘Pladda’ abeam at 3:40 a.m.

30th September – Sunday

Strong wind, still S.W. made main middle and mizzen t’mast staysails fast.  Passing lot of shipping.  British airship flew over us in Rathlin Sound.  Inistrahull Light abeam at 10:30 p.m. and sighted Lough Swilly (Buncrana) Light at 11:30 p.m.  Tug has hauled up for the light bringing the wind ahead, hauled down fore and afters.  At about 4:30 a.m. we were hailed by the Exam steamer and dropped our anchor about 5 a.m.  All hands sent on day work again.

2nd November – Friday

Hove up anchor and proceeded to sea in tow of Armed Tug ‘Stobo Castle’.  Weather clear and dry.  At 11 p.m. we set all fore and afters, 12 p.m. wind freshening, sea rising and ship rolling heavily, decks full of water.  5 a.m. tug let go our hawser and kept company with us until daylight, then left us.  Set upper top gallants

3rd November – Saturday

Wind increasing, took in four t’gallants flying and outer jibs also two upper topsails.  Fore T.M. staysail blew away.  Position by D.R. Lat. 55 degrees 42’ N. Long. 13 degrees 31’ W.

4th November – Sunday

Blowing a whole gale of wind, sea, ship labouring very heavily and decks full of water.  Fore sail blew away, my watch, made the rags of it fast.  Wore ship at 8 p.m. got soaking wet to the skin, inner jib carried away.  Position by D.R. Lat. 50 degs. 45’ N. Long. 13 degs. 30’ W. Distance 2 miles.

5th November – Monday

Wind and sea abating, bent new foresail, fore and main t’mast staysails.  Head wind, wore ship at noon, light breeze swell abating, set main and fore upper topsails, 6 p.m. wore ship again.  Position by D.R. Lat. 55 degs. 41’ W. Long 13 degs. 10’ W.  Distance 5 miles

6th November – Tuesday

Squally weather, very high seas, decks completely flooded.  6 p.m. wore ship to W. ½ N. no work doing on deck.

7th November – Wednesday

Light breeze, clear weather.  Set foresail and lower t’gallants.  Rove new main lower t’gallant clewline 2 ½ ” manilla for whip. Wind increased to hard gale by midnight, furled foresail, t’gallant sails and upper topsails, raining hard and cold.  True course N. 11 degs. W. Lat. 55 degs 37’ N.  Long 15 degs 27’ W. Distance 41 miles.

8th November – Thursday

Hard gale blowing, terrific squalls and mountainous seas, vessel labouring heavily and swept from stem to stern by huge seas.  New mizzen staysail cotton canvas blew away.  Captain reckons it is the worst sea he has ever encountered.  Wore ship with all hands at 4 p.m.  At 4 a.m. the wind was hurricane force.  True Co. S. 27 degs E. Lat. 54 degs. 56’ N. Long. 15 degs 02’ W. Distance 45 miles.

9th November – Friday

Gale moderating gradually, strong breeze still blowing, pooped a heavy sea and washed the man over the wheel box and tore away a ventilator completely flooding my bunk out.  Deck still full up, wind and sea moderated towards breakfast time.  Course S. 10 degs. W. Lat. 53 degs. 58’ N. Long. 16 degs 118 W.  Distance 95 miles.

10th November – Saturday

Moderate breeze, heavy swell, set up lifelines, set foresail main upper topsail and M.T. staysail.  Breeze freshened towards midnight, weather misty and cold, sea rising again.  Log 62 ½ miles.  Course N. 33 degs. W.  Lat. D.R. 54 degs. 25’ N.  Long 16 degs. 41’ W.  distance 32 miles.

11th November – Sunday

Moderate breeze blowing, clear weather, set inner jib, wind backing to S.W. heavy swell, Barometer 30.13” falling.  True course S. 2 degs. W.  Lat 54 degs 13’ N. Long. 16 degs 41’ W. distance 11 miles.

12th November – Monday

8 a.m. wore ship to N. W. Light breeze, set fore upper topsail.  Rove new starboard fore and main lower topsail and port main upper topsail, braces, wind freshening and sea rising a little.  Wore ship in middle watch as the wind has hauled to the North West. Position; Lat 54 degs. 23’ N. Long. 17 degs. 43’ W. Course N. 65 degs. W. distance 60 miles.

13th November – Tuesday

Light westerly winds, set fore and main lower t’gallant sails, overhauling buntlines and whipping brace ends, hauled up fore lower topsail for sails to mend it and set it again.  This is the first fine day we had since leaving and gives us a chance to get our wet clothes dry.

14th November – Wednesday

Fine dry weather, light winds, rove new main lower topsail buntline and main tack tackle, set main upper t’gallants.   Position; Lat. 53 degs. 49’ Long. 18 degs. 10’ W.

15th November – Thursday

Breeze strengthening to moderate gale, fine drizzly rain, wind backing to S.E. took in main upper t’gallants, she is heading course now and making about six knots, the first days sailing since leaving.  Position 53 degs. 29’ N. Long. 21 degs. 4’ W.  True course S. 82 degs. W. Distance 101 miles.

16th November – Friday

Wind decreasing and died away about 10 a.m. wind hauled to N.E. checked in yards and set main upper t’gallant sails  Raining all day, squared the yards at 5 p.m. Position; Lat. 53 degs. 21’ N. Long. 21 degs. 18’ W. True course N 74 degs. W. distance 91 miles.

17th November – Saturday

Wind has increased to gale and hauled further ahead, furled fore upper topsail, four t’gallants and spanker, ship is labouring heavily as the sea has increased a great deal.  Towards morning wind abated.  Barometer 29. 54”  At noon we wore ship.  Position; Lat. 53 degs. 16’ N.  Long 29 degs. 54’ W.  Course W. distance 76 miles.

18th November – Sunday

Overcast sky, wind dying away, set main topmast and mizzen staysails, also fore upper topsail and main lower t’gallants.  Wore ship to N.W. in the middle watch (12 to 4 a.m.)  We passed a big two funnelled American liner and a smaller steamer.  Bar. 30.04" Position; Lat. 52 degs. 52’ N. Long. 30 degs. 9’ W. Course S. 21 degs. E. Distance 26 miles.

19th November – Monday

Wind and sea is increasing, we furled the main lower t’gallant sails, fore upper topsail, inner jib and mizzen staysail, towards morning however the wind moderated.  Position Lat. 52 degs 308 N. Long. 31 degs 58’ W. Course 88 degs. W. Distance 65 miles.

20th November – Tuesday

Overcast sky, wind dying away, very thick mist and a big swell, we set the fore upper topsail and unbent our cables and plugged up the hawse pipes.  Barometer 30.10” at 3 a.m. Position Lat. 52 degs 33’ N.  Long. 32 degs. 00’ W.  Course S. 4 degs. W. Distance 17 miles.

21st November – Wednesday

Gentle breeze very dull weather, but turned out very clear towards morning.  Barometer rising 30-40 inches, overhauling gear on the main and mizzen masts.  Position Lat. 51 degs 47’ N.  Long. 32 degs. 50’ W. Course 35 degs W. Distance 55 miles.

22nd November – Thursday

Wind freshened to moderate gale, took in two lower t’gallant sails and fore upper topsail, got up a barrel of salt beef and pork and emptied them into the harness casks.  Shipping heavy weather.  Position Lat. 51 degs. 48’ N. Long. 33 degs. 51’ W.  Course S. 81 degs. W. Distance 38 miles.

23rd November – Friday

Wind still increasing, took in main upper topsail, wind moderated towards morning to a fresh breeze so we set everything except royals, we have set the mainsail for the first time since leaving.  Position; Lat. 50 degs. 38’ N. Long. 33 degs 05’ W. Course S. 18 degs. W. Distance 51 miles.

24th November – Saturday

Fine clear weather, all plain sail set, we are still steering ‘by the wind’ we have had only two days fair wind since leaving.  Position; Lat. 49 degs 58’ N. Long. 32 degs 41’ W.  Course S. 21 degs. E. Distance 42 miles.

25th November – Sunday

Misty weather, fresh breeze making about 4.5 knots ‘by the wind’ mended a seam on the foresail.  No work doing today.  In the middle watch, wind freshened we took in four t’gallants, outer jib and spanker.  Position; Lat. 49 degs 14’ N. Long. 30 degs. 32’ W. Course, S. 62 degs. E. Distance 95 miles.

26th November – Monday

Nice dry weather, strong breeze but still a head wind, furled mainsail and wore ship to westward at 4 p.m.  Shipping some heavy water amidships.  Barometer was 30. 26” at 2 a.m. Position; Lat. 49 degs. 8’ N. Long 31 degs.  55’ W. Course S. 48 degs. W. Distance 55 miles.

27th November – Tuesday

Wind freshening, drizzly rain, hauled down mizzen staysail at 6 p.m.  My watch and I am making mats as weather is unsuitable for deck work.  Bar. Falling 29.94’ at 4 p.m. Position; Lat. 49 degs. 09’ N. Long. 33 degs. 49’ W. Course N. 77 degs. W. Distance 88 miles.

28th November – Wednesday

Very light breeze all day, set inner jib and mizzen staysail, fine clear weather, set mainsail in the morning and got a very heavy north westerly squall.  Position; Lat. 48 degs. 36’ N. Long. 32 degs. 53’ W. Course S. 48 degs. E. Distance 49 miles.

29th November – Thursday

Nice fine day, wind shifted to W.N.W. but backed again to S.W. yards are still sharp up on the backstays, with no prospect of a fair wind, mainsail blew away at 1 p.m. we saved most of it as there was not very much wind.  Set fore and main lower t’gallants.  Position; Lat. 47 degs. 46’ N. Long. 31 degs. 34’ W.  Course S. 24 degs. E. Distance 93 miles.

30th November – Friday

No wind at all, ship rolling like hell.  Towards night a good breeze sprang up.  Increasing towards morning took in the four t’gallants, spanker, outer jib and mizzen staysail also fore upper topsails.  The sun rose very red and angry looking.  Position; Lat. 45 deg. 23’ N. Long. 32 degs. 49’ W. Course S. 32 degs. W. Distance 98 miles.

This is my birthday, twenty years old.

1st December – Saturday

Gale moderating, tremendous cross seas, ship labouring very heavily and full of water, hauled down the inner jib, downhaul carried away, we rove a new one, after hauling the sail down with a gantline and shackle on the stay.  Weather is showing signs of becoming finer.  We afterwards set the main lower t’gallants and inner jib.  Position; Lat. 45 degs. 01’ N. Long. 33 degs. 43’ W. Course S. 44 degs. W. Distance 43 miles.

2nd December - Sunday

Nice fine day, still steering ‘by the wind’.  Good fresh breeze today doing about six knots.  No work doing today, we saved some rain water during the night so everybody’s washing clothes today.  Position; Lat. 43 degs. 35’ N. Long. 33 degs. 04’ W. Course S. 18 degs. E. Distance 91 miles.

December 3rd – Monday

Still clear weather and getting a good deal warmer, set spanker, fore lower and two upper t’gallant sails also outer jib.  My watch have put all new rovings in the sails on the main mast, we also clewed up main lower topsail to mend the roping on the foot.  Steering ‘by the wind’ doing about five knots.  Position; Lat. 43 degs. 01’ N. Long 34 degs. 08’ W. Course S. 64 degs. W. Distance 46 miles.

December 4th – Tuesday

Wind increasing rapidly today and a tremendous high sea.  Vivid flashes of lightning.  Wind moderated towards morning also the sea, we set the foresail and main topsail again in the morning.  Position; Lat. 43 degs. 11’ N. Long. 34 degs 41W. Course N. 77 degs. W. Distance 43 miles.

December 5th – Wednesday

Very light airs, ship rolling like hell, set fore and main upper t’gallants.  We unbent the old mainsail and bent a new one.  The weather is getting much warmer and finer, today is a lively day but the wind is still ahead.  Position; 42 degs 33’ N. Long 34 degs. 34’ W.  Course S. 8 degs. W. Distance 38 miles.  Set main royal.

December 6th – Thursday

Another fine day, light breeze, set spanker, clewed up main royal as it is doing no good.  At 3:30 a.m. we sighted a barque coming up astern and afterwards made her out to be the ‘General de Negrier’ that was in lying Lough Swilly with us.  This was a clear starry night, Jupiter is very prominent in the heavens.  Position; Lat. 41 degs. 41’ N. Long. 33 degs. 44’ W.  Course S. 33 degs. E. Distance 67 miles.

December 7th – Friday

Still fine weather, steering ‘by the wind’ there is not much wind however.  Set gaff-topsail, middle staysails and flying jib.  The Frenchman is ahead of us now, he is sailing faster being a ballast ship, he looked a fine picture this morning against the sunrise, he was to windward of us and under full sail, everything set.  We are busy doing rigging work now as it is the first few fine days we have had since leaving.  Position; Lat. 41 degs. 05’ N.  Long. 33 degs. 13’ W. Course S. 33 degs. E. Distance 43 miles.

December 8th – Saturday

Light breeze, gradually increasing, we set mainsail in the morning and washed down decks, they have been wet all the passage until now.  The mates watch furled the middle staysails, gaff topsail and flying jib.  We wore ship at 8 a.m. heading S. by E. At 10 a.m. we had a heavy shower which shifted the wind to the N.W. we then checked in the yards and set two royals.  We are going course, the first time for a good while.  Doing seven knots by Patent Log.  Position; Lat. 40 degs. 46’ N.  Long. 34 degs 25’ W. Course S. 70 degs. W. Distance 58 miles.

December 9th Sunday

Good strong breeze, all sails set, this is a lovely fine day.  Everyone is washing today as we saved some rainwater yesterday.  Towards evening the wind decreased a little.  Position; Lat. 39 degs. 20 N. Long 34 degs. 47’ W.  Course S. 34 degs. W. distance 63 miles.

December 10th Monday

Fine weather, let the yards go ahead of few points but checked them in again, hauled down jibs and brailed in the spanker.  Two men putting in service up the mainmast others employed in various jobs, chipping anchors etc. Position; Lat 38 degs. 29’ N. Long. 34 degs. 58’ W. Course S. 10 degs. W. Distance 52 miles.

December 11th Tuesday

Canted the yards a little to port, nice royal breeze, stropped a new snatch block, shifting main royal sheets etc., still fine weather.  Position; Lat. 35 degs. 35’ N. Long. 35 degs. 08’ W. Course S. 4 degs. W. Distance 113 miles.

December 12th Wednesday

Fine fresh breeze, let yards go a couple of points further ahead, the sea is increasing slightly.  Every stitch of canvas is set, she is making about nine knots.  Watch engaged in up aloft work and re-seizing the main middle stay and setting it up.  Position; Lat. 32 degs. 02’ N. Long. 34 degs. 29’ W. Distance 215 miles.

December 13th – Thursday

Wind increasing slightly, took in middle staysails, flying jib and gaff topsail.  High quarterly sea running, shipping some water, watch engaged in chipping the windlass and re-seizing the fore lower rigging.  The ship is making good headway now, it is nice and warm now too.  We are just clear of the Western Islands and submarines.  Position; Lat. 29 degs. 17’ N.  Long, 34 degs. 13’ W.  Course S. 10 degs. E.  Distance 168 miles.

14th December – Friday

Nice moderate breeze, going along fine about seven knots.  The weather is just right now.  The watch is busily engaged turning out the ends of the lower rigging and re-seizing them.  I have got one man on the upper rigging all day long.  Position; Lat. 27 degs. 12’ N. Long. 33 degs 45’ W.  Course S. 12 degs. E.  Distance 140 miles.

15th December – Saturday

Light variable winds, weather getting warmer, set spanker and light fore and afters.  A shoal of dolphins came around today, we caught three and had a great feed, they were very acceptable. Washed down decks today.  Position; Lat. 26 degs. 24’ N. Long. 33 degs. 21’ W.  Course S. 31 degs. E. Distance 41 miles.

16th December – Sunday

Very hot weather, did some washing today.  We caught three more dolphins this morning and had them for tea.  I caught one of them at 6 a.m.  We had very heavy lightning all night from all points of the compass, also have rain squalls, from every point also.  I was expecting it to bring the North East Trades as we are on the edge of them just now, but no, it became clock calm again.  Position; Lat. 26 degs. 10’ N. Long. 33 degs. 32’ W. course S. 35 degs. W. Distance 17 miles.

17th December – Monday

Very hot again today, got up a barrel of beef and one of pork, usual rigging work, hauled yards right round to starboard tack, hardly any wind at all.  All the dolphins are going again.  We are anxiously waiting for the trades to carry us down to the doldrums.  Position; Lat. 25 degs. 42’ S. Long. 34 degs. 02’ W. Course S. 44 degs. W. Distance 39 miles.

18th December – Tuesday

Heavy rain all day, busy carrying rain water for washing purposes.  Unsteady wind shifting with every squall, hauling yards around from one tack to the other.  The weather is very warm, heavy lightning is visible all night.  Position; Lat. 25 degs. 24’ N. Long. 34 degs. 04’ W.  Course S. 5 degs. W. Distance 18 miles.

19th December – Wednesday

Gentle breeze, nice clear warm weather.  Tacked ship to W.S.W.  Watch employed in various desk work jobs.  We are pumping out one of our fresh water tanks as it got spoiled with salt water the second week out.  Position; Lat. 24 degs. 29’ N. Long. 34 degs. 43’ W. Course S. 38 degs. W. Distance 58 miles.

20th December – Thursday

Light breeze, fine clear warm weather.  Bent the mainsail with our watch and turned out two of the main shrouds to be re-seized.  We finished pumping out the starboard fresh water tank and gave it a coat of cement and lime wash.  We have only got 5 ft. 6 inches of water in the other tank.  Position; Lat. 23 degs. 24’ N. Long. 35 degs. 05 degs. W. Course S. 17 degs. W. Distance 68 miles.

21st December – Friday

Weather is rather dull today, could not get a noon observation.  The wind is very light but pretty steady, we have not got the North East trades yet.  We are getting up a concert for Christmas Day, which is next Tuesday.  Position; Lat. 22 degs. 23’ N. Long. 35 degs. 56’ W. Course S. 29 degs. W. Distance 144 miles.

22nd December – Saturday

Weather is a trifle dull, with a few showers.  Washed down decks.  No work doing in the afternoon.  Position; Lat. 21 degs. 08’ N. Long. 37 degs. 01’ W. Course S. 43 degs. W. Distance 89 miles.

23rd December – Sunday

Very fine day, everybody is washing clothes.  We tacked ship at noon with all hands.  Making about E.S.E. Very light breeze.

24th December – Monday

Watch employed doing rigging work.  Light breeze and clear weather and very warm.  Position; Lat. 21. Degs. 46’ N. Long. 34 Degs. 04’ W.  Course N. 89 degs. E. Distance 111 miles.

25th December – Tuesday

This being Christmas Day, is of course a holiday.  It is a lovely day but not much wind.  In the second dog watch all hands held a concert on the main hatch, when it was over all hands came aft and asked the old man to ‘splice the mainbrace’ which he did.  Position; 21 degs. 45’ N. Long. 32. Degs. 53’ W. Course, East. Distance 77 miles.

26th December - Wednesday

This is a rather dull day, showery, turned out one of the main shrouds and lower cap backstay and re-seized them, also took a set on the fore lower starboard rigging as the new seizings have stretched a little.  Position; 23 degs. 15’ N. Long. 31 degs. 42’ W. Course N. 62 degs. E. Distance 63 miles.

27th December – Thursday

Moderate breeze, rather big North East swell, doing about five knots, wind still ahead with no prospect of it coming fair.  Position 22. Degs. 40’ N. Long. 31 degs. 32’ W. Course N. 77 degs. E. Distance 39 miles.

28th December – Friday

This day the weather is clearer than yesterday, wind falling lighter and swell also going down.  Vivid lightning all around the horizon at night.  Usual rigging work going on.  Position; 22 degs. 16’N. Long. 30 degs. 46’ W. Course S. 55 degs. E. Distance 53 miles.

29th December – Saturday

Wind freshening a little, increasing towards evening, furled gaff-topsail, royals and flying jib.  Heavy rain all day, saved a lot of rain water.  Position; Lat. 21 degs 56’ N. Long. 29 degs. 51’ W.  Course S. 77 degs. E. Distance 87 miles.

30th December – Sunday

Heavy rain all day, fresh breeze increasing to moderate gale, furled four t’gallant sails and spanker, saved two feet of fresh water in starboard tank.  Position; 21 degs. 17’ N. Long. 28 degs. 43’ W. Course S. 58 degs. E.  Distance 75 miles.

31st December – Monday

Strong gale, raining like hell, saving rain water all day, wind abated towards evening, set light fore and afters and main royal.  Working on the port fore rigging.  Position; Lat. 20 degs. 50’ N. Long. 29 degs. 04’ W.  Course S. 40 degs. E. Distance 57 miles

1st January 1918 – Tuesday

Wind shifted to westward, hauled the yards round on the starboard tack, strong wind all day heading course, South.  Set gaff topsail and middle staysails.  Position; 19 degs. 04’ N. Long. 26 degs. 13’ W. Course S. 35 degs. E. Distance 59 miles.

2nd January – Wednesday

Wind falling light again, she is barely heading her course and no more, fine sunny weather again.  Saw a few flying fish for the first time this passage.  We are exactly abreast of Cape Verde Islands just now.  Clewed up the two royals and gaff topsail.  Position; Lat. 18 degs. 54’ N. Long. 26 degs. 16’ W. Course S. 28 degs. W. Distance 28 miles.

3rd January – Thursday

Wind falling light, with a big swell from the North West.  She is rolling pretty heavily.  Watch is at work turning out the fore, port lower rigging.  Lowered the fore and main topsail yards to mend a seam in the sail.  Set gaff topsail.  Position; Let. 18 degs. 05’ N. Long. 26 degs 07’ W.  Course S. 10 E. Distance 50 miles.

4th January – Friday

The fore rigging is all finished with the exception of the lower cap shroud.  Painting the windlass and made two new straps for the spare lower anchor, lashed abaft the foremast and rove new relieving tackle for the wheel.  Light winds, still fine and clear.  Wind shifted to north, gave the yards a slight cant to starboard.  Position; Lat. 17 degs. 13’ N.   Long. 26 degs. 10’ W.  Course S. 5 degs. W Distance 32 miles.

5th January – Saturday

Very light winds, sighted a three masted barquetine on the starboard beam going same way as us, wind shifted to port quarter towards evening.  Washed down decks and ‘set two royals’.  Position; Lat. 17 degs. 1’ N. Long. 26 degs. 31’ W. Course S. 33 degs. W. Distance 38 miles.

6th January – Sunday

Wind shifted to S.E. braced yards up on the port tack.  The other vessel is falling astern.  We sighted St. Antonio Island today.  Very warm weather, plenty of flying fish around, caught two dolphins and had them for tea.  Position; Lat. 16 degs. 34’ N. Long. 26 degs. 33’ W. Course S. 5 degs. W.  Distance  23 miles

7th January – Monday

Breeze freshening slightly, backing to the Eastward, usual rigging work being attended to.  Caught six dolphins today and had a good feed on them.   Sighted another three masted barquentine today.  Position; Lat. 15 degs. 33’ N. Long. 26 degs. 41’ W. Course S. 6 degs. E. Distance 66 miles.

8th January – Tuesday

Checked in yards again, not much wind, awfully warm weather.  Plenty of fish around, caught two more dolphins and one Benita.  Unbent the mainsail and bent a new one.  Position; Lat. 14 degs. 10’ N. Long. 26 degs 31’ W. Course S. 13 degs. E. Distance 43 miles.

9th January - Wednesday

Moderate breeze, fine clear sunny weather, doing about four knots.  Shifted the foresail, the one bent now is brand new cotton canvas.  Turned out the main topmast backstays and put chafing battons on the mizzen t’gallant stay.  Position; Lat. 13 degs. 21’ N.  Long. 26 degs 7’ W. Course S.  15 degs. E. Distance 93 miles.

10th January – Thursday

Light breeze, very dry and sultry weather, rather dull day.  Rattled down the port main lower rigging and put a scotchman on the forward shroud.  North Easterly winds prevailing.  Position; Lat. 11 degs. 29’W. Long 26 degs. 10 W. Course S. 1 deg. W Distance 112 miles.

11th January – Friday

Wind falling light, very warm, caught three large dolphins, the biggest one weighing 35 lbs.  The barquentine is slightly forward of the beam, he is under full sail, he is an American carrying a fore skysail.  Position Lat. 10 degs’ 06’ N. Long 25 degs 54’ W. Course S. 11 degs. E. Distance 84 miles.

12th January – Saturday

Wind freshening slightly, horizon rather hazy, the other vessel is hauling ahead slowly.  Washed down decks today, half holiday.   Position Lat. 8 degs. 32’ N. Long. 25 degs. 36’ W. Course, S. 10 degs. E. Distance 96 miles.

13th January – Sunday

Breeze dying away, thunder and lightning on the weather bow.  No work doing today, caught two large dolphins, one of them being harpooned.  Position; Lat. 7 degs. 22’N. Long. 25 degs. 19’ W. Course S.  8 degs. E. Distance 72 miles.

14th January – Monday

Gentle breeze, barquentine out of sight.  Wind backing to the Eastward, the yards being just off the bracestays.  Position; Lat. 6 degs. 17’ N. Long. 24 degs. 57’ W. Course, S. 18 degs. E. Distance 69 miles

15th January – Tuesday

Light variable airs, we wore ship twice, heavy thunder and lightning and a few showers, we lifted the main topmast cap backstays and put new thimbles in the eyes, also saved a great deal of water and caught five dolphins and one young shark, there is a big one around but he has not come very near.  Position; Lat. 5 degs. 28’ N. Long. 24 degs. 51’ W. Course, S. 18 degs. E. Distance 20 miles.

16th January – Wednesday

We have got the doldrums now, real heavy rain with the wind flying all around and heavy rain squalls, busy putting water in the rain tanks, caught more dolphins, there are shoals of them around.  Position; Lat. 5 degs. 28’ N. Long. 24 degs. 32’ W. Course, S. 35 degs. E. Distance 68 miles.

17th January – Thursday

Overcast sky, heavy showers of rain.  Wind very unsteady.  We saw an immense water spout about a mile on the weather bow, it was about a mile high in the air, it looked like a great big snake in the air, it lasted for about twenty minutes, before it parted in the middle and fell down.  We are serving the main rigging screws now as we have got them all re seized and set up.  Positon; Lat. 4 degs. 15’ N. Long. 23 degs. 18’ W. Course, S. 38 degs. E. Distance 74 miles.

18th January – Friday

Weather much the same, overcast sky, wind is a bit steadier, being about E.S.E. we are expecting the South East Trades now watch, wind is very light yet.  There is a big shark hanging around the stern.  Position 3 degs. 57’ N. Long. 23 degs. 23’ W. Course S. 10 degs. E. Distance 17 miles.

19th January – Saturday

It has been a dead calm for about twelve hours, we got a light breeze after that, heading about E.S.E. braced up on starboard tack, wore ship at 4 a.m. heading S.W. by W. I hooked on a large shark today but he got away again.  Position; Lat. 3 degs. 50’ N. Long. 23 degs. 30’ W. Course S. 20 degs. W. Distance 10 miles.

20th January – Sunday

Very light airs, came up to S. by W. which is the course.  Wind hauled aft, checked in yards.  Caught two large sharks and five dolphins, there were five sharks around, one swallowed a bully beef tin.  Position Lat. 3 degs. 33’ N. Long. 23 degs. 58’ W. Course, S. 5 degs. E. Distance 26 miles.

21st January – Monday

Very dull weather, heavy thunder and lightning at night also very heavy rain.  She got caught aback by a heavy rain squall last night but the wind came right around to the S.E. again.  Caught five dolphins this morning, there are shoals of them around.  Very light winds still.  Position; Lat. 3 degs. 06’ N. Long. 24 degs. 04’ W. Course, S. 14 degs. E. Distance 27 miles.

22nd January – Tuesday

Light variable winds, dull weather, we could not get an observation today, rove off two new main sheets and spliced a wire pennant into the shark hook.  Caught more dolphins today.  We have begun to sujy the white paintwork in preparation for coming into Santos.  Position; Lat. 3 degs. 14’ N. Long. 23 degs. 56’ W. Course; S. 9 degs. E.  Distance 18 miles.

23rd January – Wednesday

Light showers of rain today, suitable weather for the work we are doing, namely washing ship, we did the bridge, poop and bulwarks half way along towards forward, it makes a hell of a difference in her appearance.  Caught a five foot black shark today and nailed his tail on the end of the jib-boom to see if it will fetch us a good wind.  Position; Lat. 3 degs. 12’ N. Long. 24 degs. 12’ W. Course; West. Distance 17 miles.

24th January – Thursday

The wind is a little stronger today and blowing steady from the South East.  I hope it is the trades.  Finished washing all the bulwarks and part of the forward house, also some of the fore castle head rails.  We caught six dolphins this morning, there were literally shoals of them around.  Some of the older hands reckon they have never seen as many around a ship.  Position; Lat. 2 degs. 52’ N. Long. 23 degs. 29’ W. Course; S. 48 degs. W. Distance 32 milies.

25th January – Friday

Fine clear weather, light breeze.  We had a little rain towards morning.  Plenty of fish around.  Watch employed in washing paintwork in the hospital, W.C.’s etc.  Position; Lat. 2. Degs. 27’ N. Long. 25 degs. 39’ W. Course S. 36 degs. W. Distance 32 miles.

26th January – Saturday

Wind freshened up to a strong breeze but fell light towards morning, clear weather, washed down and got up coal for the cook.   Half holiday.  Position; Lat. 1 deg. 27’ N. Long. 25 degs. 30’ W. Course S. 26 degs. W.  Distance 72 miles.

27th January – Sunday

We are right into the South East Trades but they are not very strong yet.  This is a fine day.  Caught six dolphins and two good sharks.  We did not take the sharks aboard, just hauled them up to the rail and cut open one of their stomachs and cut him loose, we also put two .45 bullets into his head and he kept swimming around for fully ten minutes before he died, the dolphins were biting his guts.  Position; Lat. 00 degs. 30’ N. Long. 26 degs. 22’ W. Course; 57 degs. W. Distance 77 miles.

28th January – Monday

Moderate breeze clear weather, we are painting the boats and davits white also touching up around.  Position; Lat. 00 degs. 48’ S. Long. 27 degs. 19’ W. Course; S. 40 degs. W. Distance 92 miles.

29th January – Tuesday

Fresh breeze, clear weather.  Sighted a three masted schooner on port quarter but lost him again, watch chipping rust and coating with red lead.  Position; Lat. 2 degs. 17’ S. Long. 28 degs. 08’ W. Course; S. 28 degs. W. Distance 100 miles.

30th January – Wednesday

Fresh breeze, clear weather, watch employed in chipping bulwarks mizzen rigging screws etc.  We have been doing about five knots today, nice weather and no sea.  Position; Lat. 3 degs. 49’ S. Long. 28 degs 59’ W.  Course; S 29 degs. W.   Distance 125 miles.

31st January – Thursday

The wind and weather is exactly the same as yesterday.  The breeze makes it nice and cool too, we are chipping bulwarks and hatch coamings and painting them red lead, she is like a spotted leopard aft here now.  Position; Lat. 5 degs. 40’ S. Long 29 degs. 27’ W. Course S. 17 degs. W. Distance 123 miles.

1st February – Friday

Moderate Trade breeze, doing about 5 ½ knots, took in gaff topsail as she was carrying too much weather helm, nearly hard up all the time.  Gave the bulwarks etc. a second coat of red lead.  At midnight we sighted a vessel overtaking us, at 12:30 he was abeam and proved to be a full rigged ship with ballast in.  He passed quite near our stern and it being a moonlight night we could see him plainly, he had his royals fast, by daylight he was out of sight.  Position; Lat. 7 degs. 33’ S. Long. 30 degs. 09’ W. Course; S. 21 degs. W. Distance 115 miles.

2nd February – Saturday

Fine clear weather, very warm, scrubbed down the poop with ashes and washed down decks.  Position; Lat. 9 degs. 05’ S.  Long. 30 degs. 42’ W. Course; S. 20 degs. W. Distance 98 miles

3rd February – Sunday

Wind is not so strong today, it is also very warm.  No work doing today, beyond washing clothes and airing our shore gear.  Position; Lat. 9 degs. 35’ S. Long. 31 degs. 05’ W.  Course; S. 38 degs. W. Distance 38 miles.

4th February – Monday

Breeze has freshened slightly and has hauled a point more to the Eastward.  We are touching up the red oxide on the bulwarks etc. and oiling the teak wood on the poop and bridge.  Position; Lat. 10 degs. 54’ S. Long. 31 degs. 35’ W. Course; S. 20 degs. W.  Distance 85 miles.

5th February – Tuesday

Fresh breeze, nice and cool, we are oiling the fife rails, doors, etc. on the main deck and forecastle head and touching up the white paintwork in preparation for coming into port.  Position; Lat. 12 degs. 29 S. Long. 32 degs. 12’ W.  Course; S. 21 degs. W. Distance 102 miles.

6th February – Wednesday

Light breeze, freshening towards morning.  We are painting the bulwarks white and brown and chipping the spider band on the mainmast.  Position; Lat. 14 degs. 16’ S. Long. 32 degs. 50’ W. Course S. 19 degs. W.  Distance 114 miles.

7th February – Thursday

Good strong breeze today.  Painting the windlass and bitts on the poop and forecastle head green, also touching up the bulwarks.  Position; Lat. 16. Degs 22’ S. Long. 33 degs. 38’ W. Course; S. 20 degs. W. Distance 134 miles.

8th February – Friday

Nice breeze today, fine warm clear weather.  Painting topsail t’gallant halliard winches green, also painting the windlass, she is looking very well on deck at present.  Position; Lat. 18 degs. 20’ S. Long. 34 degs. 42’ W. Course S. 28 degs. W. Distance 134 miles.

9th February – Saturday

Weather much the same, passed a large steamer today, she crossed our bows, think she was bound to Rio de Janeiro.  Washed down decks today. Position; Lat. 19 degs. 32’ S. Long. 35 degs. 34’ W. Course S. 35 degs. W. Distance 87 miles.

10th February – Sunday

Light breeze, clear weather, we had a few showers during the night.  A New Bedford whaling schooner passed quite close to us today, we both dipped Ensigns, she had all coloured men aboard.  Position; Lat. 20 degs. 39’ S. Long. 36 degs. 40’ W. Course, S. 74 degs. W. Distance 84 miles.

11th February – Monday

Wind freshening considerably, heavy squalls and a very confused and rough sea.  Took in flying jib light staysails, she has been shipping pretty heavy water, it seems quite strange to see any water on deck now.  Position; Lat. 22 degs. 39’ S. Long. 39 degs. 06’ W. Course, S. 50 degs. W. Distance 178 miles

12th February – Tuesday

Clear weather, not so much wind and sea as yesterday, although there is a good breeze yet.  Set the staysails and kept her off to W. ½ N. the wind is a little on the starboard quarter now.  We are streaming the Patent Log since yesterday noon.  Position; Lat. 23 degs. 50’ S. Long. 41 degs. 07 W. Course; S. 56 degs. W. Distance 135 miles.

13th February – Wednesday

Moderate breeze on starboard quarter, sea gone down again, we are still touching up around the decks and getting things in order for getting in.  Position; Lat. 24 degs. 12’ S. Long. 43 degs. 50’ W. Course; S. 81 degs. W. Distance 150 miles.

14th February – Thursday

Light winds again, we are in sight of San Sebastian Lighthouse now it was bearing N. ½ W. at 4 a.m. distance 18 miles.  Cleaning all brasswork today, compass binnacles, capstan tops, bells and parts etc. Position; Lat. 24 degs. 20’ S. Long. 44 degs. 58’ W. Course; S. 86 degs. W. Distance 112 miles.

15th February – Thursday

Hardly any wind at all, caught four large dolphins.  Alcatrasses Islets are in sight now, if we had any wind we would be in Santos in a very short time.  Still cleaning brasswork on deck.  Position; Lat. 24 degs. 02’ S. Long. 46 degs. 00’ W. Course; not steering, Distance 16 miles.

16th February – Friday

Light variable airs, hazy weather.  The pilot came off to us in a motor launch at 6 p.m.  At 10 p.m. we let go our starboard anchor with 45 fathoms of chain and furled all sails, it was raining slightly.  Kept anchor watch with an officer and one man.  In the morning the tow boat came out and took us up to the wharves.  It is a beautiful harbour full of picturesque sights and fine beaches.  It is nice to see the luxuriant tropical vegetation all round also the high mountains in the background.

R. J. Farrell