CaptRF JordanHill-2nd

Log of Second Passage in ‘JORDANHILL’

Friday 21st January 1916 – Left Port Arthur fully laden with case oil for Adelaide.  The Tug Stella had our bow line and Tug Seminole our stern line, we anchored in Sabine for the night.

Sat 22nd January

Some tugs came to us in the morning and we found we were a ground.  It was nearly four in the afternoon when we got off.  Tugs left us at the bar we set all our sails by steam we did not set the royals.  It was amusing to see the way our crowd set about loosing the sails.  One of them was a Mexican cowboy, another a fireman and a never been to sea before.  Luckily there was not much wind so we had a good night’s rest.  Our watch (Port) had first eight hours in.

Sun 23rd Jan

Cleared up all the ropes etc. put our spare gear away, such as, tow ropes, mooring wires and catted the starboard anchor.  Not much wind.

Mon 24th Jan

Took in main t’gallant sail, there was no need for it, just to get the new crowd in the way of taking in sail.  We have a head wind so we have to tack ship every six hours or so.

Tues 25th Jan

Set main t’gallant sail and main royal.  Went about at 4 a.m. and again at 8 p.m.  Breeze freshening took in main and mizzen t’gallant sails.  Not much work doing, ship going about three knots.

Wed 26th Jan

Making gaskets of flat sennit, went about as usual taking a little spray over now and again.  We are doing about four or five knots, wind still ahead.

Thurs 27th Jan

About ship.  Set spanker, we had to shift the sheet and tack off gaff topsail before we set it, make some gaskets of half round sennit and some roving of flat sennit.  Warm weather again.

Fri 28th Jan

Went about, made crossjack fast at 11:30 p.m. lost half hour of our watch below, made some more rovings, set mizzen t’gallant sail nice and warm today.  Doing about four knots.

Sat 29th Jan

A job aloft, seizing a hank on the port fore topmast backstay, to be used as a lead for the royal sheet.  Made some more rovings and washed ship down.  I got a new marlinespike from the mate.

Sun 30th Jan

Sunday washed down the poop at 6 a.m. and overhauled main upper topsail buntlines and then finished.  I did my first lot of washing today, shook my blankets and cleaned my bunk up.  I have also put a shelf up at the head of it.  It is lovely weather with not much wind.

Mon 31st Jan

Splendid weather, put the ship about this morning, set the mainsail.  The crowd are making sennit rovings.  I am with the sail maker sewing, weather screens for around the poop, cotton canvas.  Doing about five knots.  Sighted a big square rigger and steamship.

Tues 1st Feb

Showery all day.  Passed two schooners. The mate is teaching me to make a sword mat, the at will be for the ‘Old Man’s’ cabin.  We are doing about five knots.

Wed 2nd Feb

Took in three t’gallant sails this morning, shortly after it came on to blow very hard, with thunder and lightning.   We then made the mainsail fast (about 3a.m.) She took the first sea over this morning.  The wind is on the port quarter now so that it is a fair wind for clearing the Gulf.  We have had a heavy shower this morning we filled up all our spare tanks.

Thurs 3rd Feb

We braced sharp up again as the wind shifted.  Making the mat all day.  Doing abot four knots.  Took in three t’gallant sails.

Fri 4th Feb

Finished the mat.  She is shipping some water today.  Took in the foresail at 6 p.m. Tacked ship at 12 p.m.


Sat 5th Feb

Wind has died away, very warm, swung out starboard boat and washed down.  Sighted a steamer, schooner and a four masted barque.  Doing one knot.  Sighted Key West at 4 a.m.

Sun 6th Feb

Very fine day.  We got some Gulf weeds and jellyfish from over the side.  An American steamer passed quite close to our stern.  A squall suddenly sprang up about 4 p.m. our watch on deck and we took in main royal and three t’gallant sails, mainsail and foresail, it also came on to rain heavily when we were up aloft and as we did not have any oilskins on we got soaking wet.  When all came down we had a bath under the rain (it was coming down in torrents) and put on dry gear.  The wind and rain did not last long fortunately.

Mon 7th Feb

The other ship still in sight, we wore ship this morning, there are plenty of lights knocking about.  Set the mainsail this morning and made some rovings.  I also started a thrum sennit mat.  A new main t’gallant halliards was also rove off. 

Tues 8th Feb

Took two castings of lead this morning.  Took the measurement for a new fore lower topsail brace pennant, I am working on the mat which is for mates room.  We are doing four knots today.

Wed 9th Feb

The wind is fair today being on our beam.  The first flying fishes were found aboard today.   The men found two on the deck and gave them to the cat.  I am working on the mat yet.  Doing six knots.  Set mizzen t’gallant sail.

Thurs 10th Feb

Squared the yards at 2 a.m. but we braced them sharp up on port tack shortly after The starboard watch clewed up main t’gallant sail but we set it again, I finished the mate’s mat today.  We are in the Gulf stream now, plenty of Gulf weed floating about.  There is a good breeze today, we are doing seven or eight knots under topsails, foresail and main t’gallant sail.

Fri 11th Feb

Set mainsail and crossjack, fine weather.  I have started a marlinspike hitch mat today.

Sat 12th Feb

Set fore main and mizzen t’gallant sail, brailed in spanker, took the two anchors aboard and lashed them.  Very little wind today, we are almost becalmed.  Washed down decks.

Sun 13th Feb

Set fore main and mizzen royals and took them in again.  Squared the yards as it is a fair wind.  During the day we were doing eleven knots and leaning in over like a yacht, wind on port quarter.

Mon 14th Feb

Took in fore main and mizzen t’gallant sails also inner and outer jibs and spanker.  Doing about nine knots.  We had heavy rain this morning and filled up all our spare tanks.  I am still making the mat.

Tues 15th Feb

Very calm all day took inn fore and mizzen upper topsails.  At 7p.m. we hauled the foresail up as the ‘Old Man’ was expecting a pampero, that is a sort of cyclone.  Sure enough, as soon as we pulled the foresail up and were going up to furl it, the pampero burst upon us.  I have never felt anything like it before, the ship heeled over to leeward so that her lee side was about four feet beneath the water which was up to my waist.  I was on the lee side too, clearing the main topsail halliards which had jammed.   Now and again seas would burst right over her.  Of course by then all hands were on deck.  At 7:30 p.m. the main lower topsail split like a gun shot and shortly after it was all in ribbons, just the wire bolt ropes standing.  Then the main upper topsail went the same way.  All was confusion and shouting.  Then the order was given to furl the foresail.  All hands went up each watch on its own side.  I was on the quarter of the yard, we could not do anything with it the wind was so strong the sail was threshing the air like a flail.  When we had been up a quarter of an hour, she heeled over so that the lee arm was nearly touching the water and the men (cowboy and hoboes) got so scared that they made one rush for the rigging to get down below.  Shortly after the sail blew to atoms (a serious loss for us).  The second mate and I were slacking away the mizzen lee lower topsail sheet and were nearly washed away once.  Then the mate thought it advisable to cut away the sail as the ship could not stand it.  You can imagine how she was when I tell you our decks were canted to an angle of 50 degrees and full of water at that.  We hauled down the jigger staysail, but it carried away then went to haul down the inner jib, but the downhaul carried away, so we had to go out on the boom and pull it down.  We then went up and saved some of the main upper topsail and then the second mate had to drive the fellows up the rigging before him.  All hands were on deck all night, we were nearly all wet to the skin (I was).  One of the apprentices told me that he said his first prayers since he had been at sea, when going up aloft tonight.  It was really a wonder we did not lose somebody.  It was the first night or really bad weather.  At 12 p.m. the starboard watch were sent below, it was our middle watch (12 to 4) on deck.  At 2 a.m. we went up to the foresail and made the ragged ends fast.

Wed 16th Feb

Blowing a little this morning but almost died away by 10 a.m. All hands on deck all day.  Sent down the frame of the main upper and lower topsails fore and mizzen lower topsails also mainsail and crossjack and inner jib.  Doing about four knots.  We hung out all our wet gear to dry today.  I had two changes of clothes to dry.

Thurs 17th Feb

Set main t’gallant sail, fine weather.  Finished the mat.  Rove off new jib and staysail downhauls as some had been carried away.

Fri 18th Feb Set fore and mizzen t’gallant sails and main royal, but took them in at night.  Stretched fore and main topsail halliards on the capstains.  Doing about ten knots.  Our position is Lat. 3degs 2’N Long. 64 degs W

Sat 19th Feb

Fine breeze today.   Doing ten knots.  Clewed up the crossjack.  Got coal up for the cook and cleaned out the hen coop.  The steward got two eggs, but they are for the ‘Old Man’.  The breeze freshened so much in the afternoon that we took in fore and main upper topsails and mizzen topsails, hauled down inner jib and main topmast staysails.  Passed a steamer today.

Sun 20th Feb

Set fore and main upper topsails and mizzen lower topsail and main t’gallant sail and royal.  Shipping some water this forenoon.  Doing about five knots.

Mon 21st Feb

The wind has drawn a little ahead, it is now on the beam.  Set fore, main and mizzen t’gallant sails and royals also jigger staysail.  We are mending the main upper topsail which had blown away.  Doing about four knots today. There is a long heavy swell running the after effects of the wind.

Tues 22nd Feb

Took in fore main and mizzen royals.  We are making rail road sennit to put on the forestay as chafing gear for the foresail.  The cook we shipped in Port Arthur is laid up.  They say he is in consummation, anyway it looks as if we will have a job of sewing him up one of these days.  One of the men in our watch has gone in the galley instead, he is a pretty good cook too.  We are doing about five or six knots.  I cleaned my sextant today.

Wed 23rd Feb

The ship has a bit of a list to starboard so we shifted a lot of deck planks from the starboard side to the port side and lashed them securely.  Some of us are making railroad sennit.  There is still a big swell running.  WE are in the North East Trade Winds now.  Doing about four knots.  At five p.m. the port mizzen t’gallant brace carried away.  We secured it with a rope brace for the night and furled the sail.

Thurs 24th Feb

Got a coil of new wire rope and measured off two new t’gallant brace for the mizzen.  We spliced one of them and sent it up.  The starboard watch are splicing the other one.  Some of them are putting chafing gear on the forestay.  At 8 bells (4 p.m.) both watches bent and set the foresail which has been repaired.   Doing five knots today with a steady breeze.  Sent up mizzen starboard t’gallant brace in the dog watch.

Fri 25th Feb

Started to clean the fore rigging screws, we unscrewed the four shroud screws, cleaned them with kerosene, put red lead on them and set them up again, we also took the sheer pole out.  The starboard watch are working on the main rigging.  Took in main t’gallant sail at 11p.m.  Doing about six knots.

Sat 26th Feb – Did some of the fore lee backstay rigging screw and washed down decks.  This is a half holiday being Saturday.  Doing six knots.  Fine weather now and a nice breeze.  Took in the foresail at 8 bells.

Sun 27th Feb

Overhauled main upper topsail buntlines.  Did some washing.  No work doing today.  Wore ship at 11 p.m. doing about six knots.

Mon 28th Feb

Started another marlinespike hitch mat for the cabin (old man’s).  Heavy rain this morning.  Saved a lot of water.  We take advantage of the rain to wash some clothes.  Doing about seven knots.

Tues 29th Feb

Took in crossjack and main upper topsail.  Unrove main topsail halliards as they would not overhaul, the carpenter is enlarging the swallows of the two blocks so that it will be large enough to take the rope without jamming.  Set mizzen topmast staysail, finishing the riggings screws.  Doing about six knots.  Passed a big steamer.

Wed 1st March

Hauled the mainsail up.  Squared the yards fore and aft.  Set the main royal and t’gallant sail, then braced them up on the port tack.  There is no wind and we are at a standstill.  It is very warm too.  We finished the mizzen rigging screws and have started on the fore main and mizzen starboard screws as we can only do the lee side, all the weight being on the weather stays.  Set the spanker and gaff topsail.

Thurs 2nd March

Set fore and mizzen royals, overhauled buntlines, hauled up clews of crossjack and mainsail.  Cleaning the screws and bottles of starboard mizzen and rigging.  A little more wind today, we are doing about three knots.  Pulled the yards off the backstays and later on squared them all.  Our course is S.S.E.

Fri 3rd March

Unbent crossjack and bent a fine weather one.  Finished jigger port rigging and started on starboard side.  Very fine weather.  Doing about four knots under full sail.  Steering S. by E. ½ E.

Sat 4th March

Unbent main upper topsail and sent up a fine weather topsail and set it.  Washed down decks fore and aft in the afternoon and finished it being Saturday.  Nice and warm, no wind.  Course S. by E ½ E.

Sun 5th March

Took in three royals and gaff topsail at 1:30 a.m. but set them all again, except fore royal, in the morning watch.  We are in the North East Trade Winds now, a nice steady breeze doing seven knots.  Leaning over slightly.  Steering S. ¾ E. Warm weather.

Mon 6th March

Took in main and mizzen royals at night and set them in the morning.  Unbent flying outer and inner jibs and mizzen topmast staysail and bent fine weather sails instead.  Serving the riggings screws.  Doing eight knots.

Tues 7th March

Took in fore and mizzen royals and set them in the morning.  Spliced two wires for fore t’gallant sheets and served the eyes.  Chipping the dead eyes of the rigging.  Doing eight knots.  Sent up the two t’gallant sheets, clewed up the sail to see if it would work and set it again.

Wed 8th March

Took in three royals and gaff topsail, we had a shower this morning.  Starboard fore royal sheet carried away this morning so we spliced a new one and sent it up.  A good breeze today.  Doing nine knots.  Seized a hank on fore topmast backstay as a lead for the royal sheet.  Our position is Latitude 20degs 3’ N.  Longtitude 26 degs 1’W.  Steering S. 18 degs. E. We did 180 miles today.

Thurs 9th March

Making a marline spike hitch mat for the Old Man’s room.  Made two wire lower topsail brace runners and chipped some deadeyes.  Set main and mizzen royals and gaff topsail.  Passed Cape Verde Islands today.  Doing about eight knots.  Course S. ½ W.

Fri 10th March

Set fore royal and checked the yards in about a point and a half.  Passed a steamer this morning.  Still making the mat.  Doing about seven knots.

Sat 11th March

Opened up the fore hatch and took out 184 cases of oil from the starboard side as the ship has a slight list to starboard. We put them down by the rope locker on the port side and put 28 down on the port side of the lazerette.  We washed down decks and finished it being Saturday.  I had 4 to 6 p.m. wheel.   Doing about six knots steering S. ¾ W.

Sun 12th March

Very fine weather, doing about five knots under full sail.  Checked the yards in about a point and a half.   My 12 to 2 p.m. wheel.  Caught two flying fishes one large and one small, they both flew aboard.  Steering S. ½ W

Mon 13th March

Sent down port and starboard fore braces.  (My 10 to 12 a.m. wheel) and overhauled the blocks, also the four topsail braces.  Tropical weather, not much wind, doing four or five knots.  Course S. ½ W.

Tues 14th March

Unbent fore lower topsail and bent a fine weather one.  Sent down mizzen brace blocks and overhauled and painted them.  Spliced two new topsail brace runners.  My 12 to 2p.m. wheel and 12 to 2a.m. lookout.  Course S by W, very fine weather, we expect to cross the line very soon.

Wed 15th March

Spliced an eye in a wire topsail brace runner.  My 10 to 12 a.m. wheel and 10 to 2 p.m. lookout.  We had a few showers and saved some rainwater which is wanted baldy as our tanks only hold enough for three months and we cannot condense any as we have no coal.  We are now in the doldrums, and have very little wind.  Our course is S. by W.  Doing about three knots.

Thurs 16th March

Saved a lot of water this morning, as it rained very heavily.  The Captain gave us some soap to wash our curtains, in our watch on deck.  We took in the three royals, gaff topsail, spanker and flying jib.  We had a few puffs of wind but they died away again.  We took advantage of the heavy rain to have a bath on deck.  The rain stopped at 12 a.m. and the sun came out.  There were plenty of dolphins around.  The cook had one on his line and he got him up as far the jib-boom but the line broke and he got away.  We were sorry as it meant losing a good feed, we caught a shark shortly after, the pilot fish was sticking on to its fin.  We took its liver for bait, one chap is making a walking stick out of its backbone.  I got its tail and I nailed it on the end of the jib-boom.  We had great fun getting him aboard.  You should see all the teeth he had.  My 12 to 2 p.m. wheel and 12 to 2 a.m. lookout.  Steering by the wind, doing 1 knot, making SW by W.

Fri 17th March (St. Patrick’s Day)

Set three royals, spanker gaff topsail and flying jib.  We are chipping the pinrail.  My 10 to 12 a.m. Wheel and 10 to 12 p.m. lookout.  Doing about four knots.  Steering ‘by the wind’.  Making SW by W.  Passed ‘the line’ this morning about 10 a.m.

Sat 18th March

Greased down the fore main and mizzen royal and t’gallant masts.  Got coal up for the cook.  My 12 to 2 p.m. wheel and 12 to 2 a.m. lookout.  Very warm weather.  Did some washing today.  Doing four knots.  Steering ‘by the wind’ making S.W.

Sun 19th March

Squally weather but warm.  My 8 to 10 a.m. wheel.  At 9 a.m. a sudden squall struck her but it did not last long.  Hauled down gaff topsail and flying jib, but set them again.  Took in three royals.  Doing about six knots ‘by the wind’ Making S.W.

Mon 20th March

My 6 to 8 a.m. wheel and 6 to 8 p.m. lookout.  We are chipping the pinrail.  Plenty of wind but warm for all that.  Doing about seven knots ‘by the wind’ making S.W. ½ W.  Made some canvas runners for the cabin alleyways.  Doing six knots.

Tues 21st March

My 8 to 10 a.m. wheel and 8 to 10 p.m. lookout.  Chipping the pinrail and painting it with composition paint. Steering ‘by the wind’.  Making S.S.W. doing about six knots. 

Wed 22nd March

My 6 to 8 a.m. wheel and 6 to 8 p.m. lookout.  Chipping the pinrail and painting it.  Sighted a three masted barque this morning, but she is away on the starboard beam, on the horizon.  Steering ‘Full and bye’ that is close to the wind but not allowing the royals to shake all the sails clean full, making S.S.W. doing six knots.

Thurs 23rd March

Making a mat this morning my 8 to 10 a.m. and 8 to 10 p.m. lookout.  We had a fine breeze today.  She was doing eleven knots.  Checked the yards a little.  Hauled down flying jib and made it fast.  Steering ‘full & bye’ making S. by W. ¾ W.

Fri 24th March

My 6 to 8 a.m. wheel and 6 to 8 p.m. lookout.  Opened up fore and main hatch and shifted some oil from there to the fore peak and battened them down again.  Very little wind steering a course now, S.S.W. Doing three knots.

Sat 25th March

My 6 to 10 a.m. wheel and 8 to 10 p.m. lookout.  At 9 a.m. (my wheel), a ship was sighted right ahead, she was going the opposite way to us.  Coming nearer she hauled her mainsail and cross jack up and backed her mainyards.  She ran up the Norweigan flag and the signal “Can you give me some coal”, we answered “Yes”.  We then backed our mainyards. She sent a boat to us, the mate and four men in her, we have not enough coal to bring us to Australia but we gave her seven bagfulls.  The men told us they were two and a half years from England. They were then coming from Portland Oregan with a cargo of barley for ‘Guinnesses’ Dublin and were 102 days out.  They had plenty of food but no coal.  They were an hour aboard, they then left us.  She was the ‘Gezina’ (I think) three masted ship, double t’gallant and royals.  She will report us when she arrives.  We gave them a lot of magazines.  Doing about one knot.  That ship had been on her beam ends off the Horn as her cargo shifted.  Our position is Latitude 19 degs. S Longitude 31 degs 0 W.

Sun 26th March

My 4 to 6 a.m. wheel, no lookout.  Washed down poop and finished for the day.  Steering S.S.W. Doing two knots.

Mon 27th March

My 2 to 4 a.m. wheel.  Gave the poop half-round a coat of red paint.  Tarred the service of fore, main and mizzen rigging.  Stripping the service of jigger port rigging.  Steering S. by W. Doing three knots.   Very warm.

Tues 28th March

My 4 to 6 a.m. wheel.  Squared the yards, brailed in spanker.  I put some chafing gear on port fore lift and on starboard fore topmast and t’gallant rigging.  Stripping service off port jigger rigging.  Course S. ½ W.  Doing about three knots.

Wed 29th March

My 2 to 4 a.m. wheel.  Scraping tar off the seizings on the rigging prior to painting them, took in three royals, three t’gallant sails, crossjack, gaff topsail and spanker.  Wore ship at 12 p.m.  Steering S ½ W.  Doing about five knots.

Thurs 30th March

Put a new shackle on fore port t’gallant clewline.  Set mizzen topmast staysail and spanker.  Sent down mizzen t’gallant sail and bent a heavier one.  My 4 to 6 a.m. wheel.  Getting into rough weather now, a heavy swell running.  Steering ‘by the wind’ making N.W. by N.  Doing about three knots.

Fri 31st March

My 2 to 4 a.m. wheel.  Sent down main upper and lower topsails and bent heavy weather ones.   A heavy swell running and a good breeze.  We are getting pretty far south now and be soon Easting down.  We passed an Italian three-masted barque today, homeward bound from around the Horn.  Steering ‘by the wind’!  We wore ship last night so we are on the port tack making E. by N.  Doing five knots.

Sat 1st April

My 4 to 6 p.m. wheel.  Unbent fore t’gallant sail and fore upper topsail and bent heavy weather ones.  Washed down decks and finished, being Saturday.  Steering ‘by the wind’ making South West.  Set main and mizzen t’gallant sails.  Doing five knots.

Sun 2nd Apr – My 12 to 2 a.m. wheel.   Good breeze today.  Doing about nine knots.  A heavy sea running.  Steering ‘by the wind’ making South West.   Took in fore mizzen t’gallant sails.

Mon 3rd Apr – Unbent fore lower topsail, mizzen upper topsail and inner jib and bent heavy weather sails instead.  My 10 to 12 p.m. wheel.  Set fore mizzen t’gallant sails.  Steering ‘by the wind’ making South West, doing about eight knots.  Squally weather, plenty of wind.

Tues 4th Apr

My 2 to 4 p.m. wheel.  Unbent the mainsail and bent a heavy weather one.  Cut two new fore t’gallant sheets.  Rove off new port crossjack brace, mizzen and main starboard upper topsails braces, new midship fore t’gallant buntline, put a long splice in one of the crossjack buntline whips.  Painted the seizings on fore and main rigging (white).  Caught an albatross this evening.  It was ten feet from tip to tip of wings.  I got his wing.  We skinned him and preserved it, also his webs and beak.  Steering ‘by the wind’ making South.  A dead calm today, not moving an inch. 

Wed 5th Apr

Unbent foresail and bent a new mainsail in its place, with a reef in it as it would be too deep without a reef.  Sent up two new fore t’gallant sheets.  Set the spankers and three royals.  My 6 to 8 a.m. wheel and 6 to 8 p.m. lookout.  Steering course S.E. by E.  Doing about three knots.

Thurs 6th Apr

Breeze freshened to a gale of wind with a big sea.  Took in royals, t’gallant sails, upper topsails, mizzen lower topsail, course, spanker and jib. Leaving her under fore and main lower topsails, taking seas over all day.  Rigged lifelines along either side of the decks from poop to forecastle head.  My 10 to 12 a.m. wheel and 10 to 12 p.m. lookout.  Steering S.E. by E.  Doing four knots.

Fri 7th Apr

My 2 to 4 p.m. wheel and 2 to 4 a.m. lookout.  The wind has freshened a bit more, we took in fore lower topsail at 7 a.m. and hove her to under main lower topsail.  She is awash fore and aft, one big sea stove in the weather door of the galley and washed it out.  When hauling on the lee crossjack brace, the bosun was washed over the side but managed to hold on to the brace end and we pulled him aboard, my legs were also over the rail but I caught hold of one of the skids and hung on, everyone of our watch was soaking wet.  Set the fore lower topsail, foresail and mizzen topmast staysail.

Sat 8th Apr

Wind moderated a lot.  Set all square sail except mizzen royal, also set two jibs.  Sun shining today.  We take advantage of the fine day to dry our wet gear.  It is getting a bit colder now, as we go south.  My 8 to 10 p.m. wheel.   Steering course E. by S ½ S.  got some pork and beef up for the cook.  Bent dodgers around the poop rails also a weather cloth.  Set mizzen royal in the evening.

Sun 9th Apr

My 12 to 2 p.m. wheel.  Set spanker and mizzen t’mast staysail.  Braced sharp up on starboard tack.   Fine steady breeze today, no water on deck.  Steering E. S. E. Doing about eleven knots.

Mon 10th Apr

Wind freshened stripped down to lower topsails but wind  abated towards morning, set foresail, mainsail, main upper topsail, main t’gallant sail, main royals inner and outer jibs, fore, main and mizzen topmast staysails and fore upper topsail.  Steering E.S.E.  Doing about 10 knots.  My 10 to 12 p.m. wheel.

Tues 11th Apr

Unbent fore royal and sent all the royal gear down.  Set up the fore t’gallant rigging.  Cut two new t’gallant sheets and spliced them, heavy sea running.  Stripped her down again.   My 4 to 6 a.m. wheel.  Doing about seven knots.  Steering S.E. by E ½ E. wind right aft.

Wed 12th Apr

Set fore and main upper topsails.  Heavy sea running, wind right aft.  Making roving today.  My 8 to 10 a.m. wheel.  Steering S.E. by E ½ E.  Doing about eight knots.

Thurs 13th Apr

My 12 to 2 p.m. wheel and 12 to 2 a.m. lookout.  Set mizzen upper topsail, fore main and mizzen t’gallant sails, jigger staysail, spanker and three jibs also main royal.  Sent gaff topsail down and stowed it away.  Towards night the wind freshened and we took in crossjack, main sail, spanker, three t’gallant sails, main royal, outer and flying jibs.  Steering E.S.E.  Doing about six knots.

Fri 14th Apr

Weather getting colder, my 4 to 6 p.m.  wheel and 4 to 6 a.m. lookout.  Sent up two new mizzen t’gallant sheets.  Rigged a lifeline over the crossjack braces.  Braced her sharp up on port tack.  Steering ‘by the wind’.   Doing about four knots.  Making S.S.W.  Passed “Gough Is” (Diego Alvarex) yesterday, on our starboard side.  Took in three upper topsails, foresail and jigger staysail.

Sat 15th Apr

Weather pretty cold with occasional showers of sleet and rain.  Got coal up for the cook  Standing by, my 6 to 8 p.m. wheel.  Steering E. ½ S. wind died away in the dog watch.  Set  fore, main and mizzen t’mast and jigger staysails, also main topsail and foresail.  Position 46 degs 6’ S. and Longitude 5 degs 48’W

Sun 16th Apr

Set fore and mizzen upper topsails, main sail and crossjack.  Strong breeze.  Doing about six knots.  Weather getting colder.  My 10 to 12 p.m. wheel heading E. by S.  Set fore, main and mizzen t’gallant sails and shook reef out of foresail.

Mon 17th Apr

Slight breeze, cold weather, my 2 to 4 a.m. wheel.  Steering E.S.E. Doing about four knots.  Making rovings.  Very bright nights.   Rove off new fore t’mast staysail halliards.

Tues 18th Apr

Put double rovings in all the sail in preparation for coming weather.  Made a new flying jib sheet pennants, also new crossjack clew garnet.  Seized on the main t’mast staysail tack to the stay.  My 4 to 6 a.m. wheel and 4 to 6 p.m. lookout.  Steering E. by S. ¾ S. very nice days sun shining, pretty warm today for 40 degs. S.

Wed 19th Apr – Made rovings, reefed the foresail at 4 p.m. (both watches).  Took in three t’gallant sails, mainsail, crossjack and flying jib.  Wind has freshened a bit more, let the yards go a little further forward.  My 6 to 8 a.m. wheel and 6 to 8 p.m. lookout.  Steering E. by S. ¼ S.  Doing about eight knots.  Braced sharp up later on.  Wore ship at 4 a.m.

Thurs 20th Apr

Braced sharp up on port tack, doing about four knots.  Wore ship at 11 a.m.  Steering ‘by the wind’ making W.W.W. on port tack and N.E. on starboard tack (a dead head wind).  Seized a hank on the main t’mast stay as a lead for main t’mast staysail halliard.  Set spanker, main and mizzen t’mast staysail.

Fri 21st Apr (Good Friday)

Set mainsail and crossjack, my 2 to 4 p.m. wheel and 2 to 4 a.m. lookout.  Steering ‘by the wind’ doing about seven knots, pretty cold weather.  Set main t’gallant sail and took it in at night.

Sat 22nd Apr

Set fore, main and mizzen t’gallant sails and main royal.  Got coal up for the cook.  Very warm last night and foggy today.  Squared the yards, but let them go forward again on the starboard tack.  Not much wind.  Steering E. by S. doing about three knots.  Caught two albatross and a cape hen.  My 8 to 10 p.m. wheel.

Sun 23rd Apr

No wind this morning.  Pretty cold but fine weather.  Braced up on starboard tack.  My 12 to 2 a.m. wheel, steering E. ¾ S.  Doing about two knots.  Caught an albatross.

Mon 24th Apr

Making rovings.  Put a short splice in one of the tow ropes.  Put new seizings on the crane lines.   My 4 to 6 a.m. wheel.   Steering ‘by the wind’.  Making S.E. by S. doing about two knots.  Caught an albatross and a ‘Mother Carey’s Chicken’.  Took in fore and mizzen t’gallant sails.

Tues 25th Apr

Took in main t’gallant sail and mainsail.  More wind today dark sky and occasional showers.  Making rovings.  Steering ‘by the wind’ making E.S.E.  Doing about four knots.

Wed 26th Apr

Set mainsail, crossjack, three t’gallant sails, main and mizzen royals, three jibs and all staysail, wind abeam.  Doing about eleven knots.  My 8 to 10 a.m. wheel and 8 to 10 p.m. wheel.  Steering E. ½ N.  Put two new crane lines on the main rigging.  Made some rovings.  Took in everything except the topsails, main t’gallant sail foresail and inner jib.  We are 19 degs 15’ East Longitude today 45 degs. S. latitude.

Thurs 27th Apr

Set all square sail, spanker and three jibs, wind S.W. on starboard quarter.  Pretty warm today.  My 12 to 2 p.m. wheel and 12 to2 a.m. lookout.  I cleaned out the hen pen this morning, making rovings.  Steering E. ½ N.  Doing about three knots wind having abated.

Fri 28th Apr

My 4 to 6 p.m. wheel and 4 to 6 a.m. lookout.  Wind freshened so much that we had to shorten down.  In the morning it abated and we all set all sail again except mizzen t’gallant sail and royal and three jibs.  Wind right aft.  Steering E. by N.  Doing about four knots.  Position, Latitude 45 degs S Longitude 25 degs East.

Sat 29th Apr

My 6 to 8 p.m. wheel and 6 to 8 a.m. lookout.  Set mizzen t’gallant sail, crossjack, inner and outer jibs.  Got coal up for the cook, very little more left.  Braced sharp up on the port tack.  Wind (Northerly) abeam.  Steering ‘by the wind’ making E. by S.  Doing about four knots.  Shortened down at night.

Sun 30th Apr

My 10 to 12 p.m. wheel.  Blowing pretty strong.  Took in fore, main and mizzen upper topsails.  Steering E. by S. ‘by the wind’.  Doing about three knots, there is a very heavy sea running.  In the afternoon we took in the jigger staysail and foresail.  We are 100 days out from Port Arthur today.  We expect to be about 30 days more.  Towards night, the wind increased to a whole gale.  We took every stitch of canvas in and hove her to.

Mon 1st May

Wind abated early this morning.  Set the foresail and three lower topsails to steady her, as she was rolling very much and shipping a lot of water.  Wind decreased to a light breeze at breakfast and we set the three upper topsails, three t’gallant’s inner and outer jib, main and mizzen topmast staysails and jigger staysail.  The wind is dead aft.  Rove off a new port main upper topsail brace.  I also rove off a main lower topsail spilling line and seized a cover on the main top masthead.  The wind drew ahead again, so we braced up again.  Wind N. E. Steering ‘by the wind’ doing about four knots.  Took in the crossjack in the middle watch.

Tues 2nd May

My 4 to 6 p.m. lookout.  Took in three t’gallant sails.  Rove off new chain lanyards for the fore and main lower topsail sheets.  Turned in the ends of the crossjack clew garnets and seized them.  Making gaskets.  Head wind N. E. Steering ‘by the wind’ making about E. by S. ½ S. doing about five knots.  Weather is dry but a trifle cold, not much wind.  Took in mainsail but set it again in the morning.

Wed 3rd May

My 6 to 8 a.m. wheel and 6 to 8 p.m. lookout.  Set the mainsail.  Not much wind, doing about four knots.  We are put on half whack of biscuits and bread, ½ lb of bread every other day.  We are only doing necessary work, such as sails etc.  The boats are all ready for swinging out should we sight a ship.  Set three t’gallants.

Thurs 4th May

My 10 to 12 a.m. wheel and 10 to 12 p.m. lookout.  It has been foggy all today, the fog horn has been going, blowing one blast (a ship on the starboard tack).  We have been taking account of the stores in the Lazerette, not much left.  Steering ‘by the wind’ making E.N.E.  Doing about three knots.

Fri 5th May

My 2 to 4 p.m. wheel and 2 to 4 a.m. lookout.  Very foggy, we have had the foghorn going all the time.  Put two strops on two blocks for a ‘handy billy’.  Steering ‘by the wind’

Sat 6th May

My 8 to 10 p.m. wheel.  Steering ‘by the wind’ making E. ½ N.  Very foggy still, hardly any wind.  Got coal up for the cook and washed down.  Doing about two knots.  Position; Latitude 41 degs 12’ South, Longitude 35 degs 27’ East.

Sun 7th May

My 12 to 2 p.m. wheel.  Breeze freshened up, took in three t’gallants, mainsail, outer and inner jibs and spanker.  Towards midday, the wind increased to a gale, so we took in foresail, three upper topsails, fore t’mast and jigger staysails, fore and mizzen lower topsails, and hove her to under a goose winged main lower topsails.   The seas increased tremendously.  She was full right up all the time.  We were putting oil bags out about 7 p.m. at the lee fore braces, when she shipped a great sea, that stove in the main hatch, at the same time she dipped her lee side under and scooped up some more.  At the same time as she dipped a young Dane named Harry Hansen aged 19, was lifted off his feet and not being able to catch hold of the lifeline was washed clean over the side, nobody saw any more of him.  They threw a lifebuoy over but we could not do anything else with such a sea on.  We are all very sorry about it, he was a very nice young chap, his parents and six sisters are all alive, he is the second son to be lost at sea.  He was in my watch (port) it was our watch on deck at the time.  The lookout man and all the watch were kept on the poop at night.  It was not safe to go forward as she was full up to the rails all night.

Mon 8th May

We woke up at 8 a.m. to hear that another man has been lost overboard, one of the starboard watch this time.  He was a young American (San Francisco) named Beldam aged 21.  At 6 a.m. they were clearing the lee main braces which had been washed over the side, when she dipped under the sea and took him clean over the rail, he kept afloat till they threw him a lifebuoy, he swam to the buoy and caught it.  The buoy had a line made fast to it and the 2nd mate, cook and a few sailors pulled him up to the poop half round, just as he was getting up, he slipped off again, but got hold of it again, he was almost up a second time and he said “hurry up, hurry up”, he then slipped off again being nearly exhausted, his hand was bleeding too.  He rose once and waved his right hand and then sank again, that was the last that was seen of him.  A boat could not be lowered as the sea was too big altogether, it was also blowing very hard.  The men brought all his belongings aft to the old man, which will be sent home.  My 10 to 12 p.m. wheel.  We are still hove to.

Tues 9th May

My 12 to 2 a.m. wheel.  The wind has moderated a lot.  We set the foresail, fore main and mizzen lower topsails, and reefed main upper topsail, mainsail, fore and main t’mast staysails, jigger staysail.  Took in the mainsail at 12 p.m.  We rigged a lifeline along the lee rail fore and aft.  The sea is still pretty big but going down fast.  Steering E. by S.  Doing five knots.

Wed 10th May

My 10 to 12 p.m. wheel.  Set a reefed fore upper topsail and mizzen upper topsail also mainsail and inner jib, a fine day today with the sun shining.  Rigged a lifeline along the weather rail fore and aft.  Steering E. by S.  Doing five knots.   The Old Man sold Hansen’s belongings at the mast today.

Thurs 11th May

Put a lashing on fore weather fife rail as it had been carried away by that big sea. Set main t’gallants.  Checked in yards a bit and then set fore and mizzen t’gallants.   A nice steady wind today it is pretty warm too.  Beldan’s gear was sold today, the proceeds of both sales will be sent to their parents.  The Captain kept Beldan’s gold watch as he is sending it to his mother.  My 12 to 2 a.m. wheel.  Steering East.  Position; Latitude 38 degs S Longitude 45 degs. 12’ East.  We also got a barrel of pork and another of beef up and rove a new port main brace.  The mate and old man had a row today.

Fri 12th May

My 10 to 12 p.m. wheel.   Set main royal and put a long splice in starboard royal inner buntline at the masthead.  Seized on a lead fore t’gallant buntlines and shifted the fore lower topsail starboard outer buntlines block three feet further out on the yard.  Shook the reef out of foresail to dry it, then re-reefed it.  Made a shiok (gangway) net.  Rove off a new mizzen topsail halliards and main port lower topsail brace.  Took in main royal.  Steering East.  Doing about twelve knots, very nice weather.

Sat 13th May

My 7 to 8 p.m. wheel, change wheels in dog watch, as we have only six men taking wheels now.  Set main royal, crossjack and spanker.    Wind W. N. W. on port quarter.  Splendid weather, warm, sun shining all day.  Started to blow pretty strong towards night took in mainsail crossjack, three t’gallants main royal, outer jib and spanker.  Steering East.  Doing twelve knots.

Sun 14th May

My 8 to 10 p.m. wheel.  Took in mizzen upper topsail.  Let the yards go about a point further forward.  Took in fore upper topsail and reefed main topsail.  Big sea running on port quarter.  Doing eight knots.  Steering E. by S.

Mon 15th May

My 6 to 8 p.m. wheel.  Goosed winged port side of main sail and half set fore upper topsail.  No work doing.  Wind has changed over to starboard quarter.  Sudden squalls now and again.  Doing twelve knots.  Steering E. ¼ N.  Plenty water aboard.

Tues 16th May

My 4 to 6 p.m. wheel.  One of our watch laid up, that reduces the number of men taking wheels to five.  Shipping some heavy lee water.  Reefed fore topsail.  Pretty warm today.  Going along fine.  Doing ten knots.  Un rove lee main topsail reef earing as the reef iron was canted the wrong way, we then rove it off right.

Wed 17th May

My 12 to 2 p.m. wheel and 12 to 2 a.m. lookout.  Shook the reef out of the main and fore topsails.  Set main t’gallants and royal and set all the main sail.  Fine weather today pretty warm.  Steering E. by S. ½ S.  Doing about five knots wind W. N. W. sun shining.

Thurs 18th May

My 8 to 10 a.m. wheel and 8 to 10 p.m. lookout.  Shifted about 200 cases of oil from the after hatch to the fore peak as the old man is frightened of her pooping.  Baling the bilges out today.   Steering E. S. E. wind N.W.  Sun shining, lovely weather.  Doing about eight knots.  Passed Amsterdam Island. 

Fri 19th May

My 4 to 6 a.m. wheel.  Wind has freshened considerably sea getting bigger.  Took in main royal and t’gallants fore t’gallant and upper topsail, mainsail and mizzen upper topsail, inner jib.  We had a heavy shower of rain.  Passed St. Paul’s Island.  Steering East.

Sat 20th May

My 12 to 2 a.m. wheel.  Wind has moderated and the weather looks more settled.  Set free topsail and t’gallants, main t’gallant and royal and mizzen.  We are 120 days out today.  Wind shifted around to the W.S.W.  Steering E. by E. doing about four knots.

Sun 21st May

Braced sharp up on starboard tack.  Took in main royal and fore t’gallants.  Wind increasing but decreased again towards midday.  Set fore t’gallant sail and outer jib.  Heavy swell on.  My 6 to 8 a.m. lookout and 2 to 4 p.m. Wheel, wind S.S.E.  Steering E. by S. ½ S.  Doing about three knots very fine day clear sky.

Mon 22nd May

My 4 to 6 p.m. wheel and 4 to 6 a.m. lookout.  Opened up main hatch and shifted about 150 cases of motor spirits.  We then took all the coal out of the fore peak and put oil down instead.  Weather a bit colder than before, we had a few showers today.  Steering E. by S. ½ S.  Wind S.E. doing about five knots.

Tues 23rd May

My 2 to 4 p.m. lookout and 2 to 4 a.m. wheel.  Checked the yards in a little this morning.  Showery all day.  Steering E. by S. ½ S.  Doing five knots.

Wed 24th May

My 4 to 6 p.m. wheel and 4 to 6 a.m. lookout.  Squared the yards, set the crossjack.  Fine today, no work.  Steering E. by S. Wind W.N.W.  Doing four knots.

Thurs 25th May

My 2 to 4 p.m. wheel and 2 to 4 a.m. lookout.  Showery weather.  Wind N.W. Steering E. ½ S.  Doing four knots.  Towards night the wind increased to a gale, we took in fore and main t’gallants, three topsails foresail and mainsail.

Fri 26th May

My 4 to 6 p.m. wheel and 4 to 6 a.m. lookout, wind has decreased a lot, we set the foresail, three upper topsails and main t’gallants over a reefed main topsail.

Sat 27th May

My 2 to 4 p.m. wheel and 2 to 4 a.m. lookout, braced yards sharp up.  Wind has drawn ahead, a dead muzzler.  Can only do S. E.  Took in t’gallants and mainsail as we do not want to go too far south.  Wind increasing, took in three upper topsails, foresail and mizzen lower topsail then hove her to.

Sun 28th May

My 10 to 12 a.m. wheel and 10 to 12 p.m. lookout.  Still hove to.  Heavy sea running.  Wind right ahead blowing due East.  Raining heavily this morning, we collected a lot of water and we need it too.  We were expecting to be off Adelaide by now but it seems we will not get in for a while yet.

Mon 29th May

Wind shifts around to the North West.  We were running before it all night under fore and main topsails, blowing a whole gale all night.  We put oil out over the stern.  She was shipping very heavy water all night.  We had two men at the wheel all night.  My 4 a.m. to 6 a.m. wheel.  My partner was a Dane.  After 7 a.m. there was only one man.  The wind moderated towards morning so we set the foresail, main topsail and mizzen lower topsail fore main and mizzen t’mast staysails and jigger staysails.  Doing about eight knots.  Steering E. by N. ½ N.  Wind veered around to the North and at 2 p.m. and stopped there, we then braced sharp up on port tack.

Tues 30th May

My 10 to 12 a.m. wheel and 10 to 12 p.m. lookout.  Steering E. by N. ½ N.  Took in main topsail at night.  Rainy weather and pretty cold.  Wind northerly.  Doing about four knots.

Wed 31st May

My 12 to 2 p.m. wheel and 12 to 2 a.m. lookout.  Rove off a new fore topsail halliards and sent up two fore preventer crane lines.  Wind has shifted around to W. N.W.  We are steering E. N. E.  Doing about three knots.  New moon.

Thurs 1st June

My 10 to 12 a.m. wheel and 12 to 2 p.m. lookout.  Set main t’gallants and royal also fore t’gallants and inner jib and mainsail.  Wind veered round to W. S. W. Doing about three knots.  Very fine day, cold but not much wind.  Took in main royal.

Fri 2nd June

My 12 to 2 p.m. wheel and 12 to 2 a.m. lookout.  Rove off a new fish tackle and sent it up, also got the cables out of the lockers and shackled them on to the anchors.  Wind drew ahead so we braced up on port tack.  Steering course N. E. ¾ E.  We are now inside Cape Leewin. Position Latitude 40 degs 2’ Longitude 116 degs 38’.  Doing about ten knots.  Took in mainsail.

Sat 3rd June

My 10 to 12 a.m. wheel and 10 to 12 p.m. lookout.  Took in fore and main t’gallants.  Blowing pretty strong.  Doing ten knots.  Steering N. E. ½ E.  Towards night, we took in three upper topsails and foresail.

Sun 4th June

My 6 to 8 a.m. wheel and 6 to 8 p.m. lookout.  Squally weather.  Checked in the yards, wind N.W. Steering N. E.  Took in mizzen topsail and goose winged the fore topsail.  The midship cloth of mizzen lower topsail carried away when taking it in.  Doing eight knots.

Mon 5th June

Set foresail and fore and main upper topsails and shook out the goose wing of fore lower topsail, set main and mizzen t’mast staysails and jigger staysail.  Unbent the mizzen lower topsail and sent it down to be repaired.  Fine weather again.  Wind N. W. Steering N. E. ½ N.  Doing six knots.

Tues 6th June

Wind has hauled right aft.  Hauled down all the staysails except the jigger as they would not draw.  Set the main t’gallants, mainsail, mizzen upper topsail.  Bent and set the repaired mizzen lower topsail.  Not much wind today.  Doing only about three knots.  Steering N. E. ¾ N.

Wed 7th June

My 8 to 10 a.m. wheel and 8 to 10 p.m. lookout.  Set fore and mizzen t’gallants and main royal and mainsail.  Braced up on port tack.  Fine royal breeze.  Doing about ten knots.  We holy stoned the teak woodwork on the poop also sujied the paint work.  Position Latitude 36 degs. 15’ Longitude 129 degs.  30’ E.  About four hundred miles to go yet.

Thurs 8th June

My 6 to 8 a.m. wheel and 6 to 8 p.m. lookout.  Took in three t’gallants and main royal.  Very squally at night.  Put both anchors over the side today.  Fine day.  She could carry all sail today, she would then do eleven knots easily, but she is only doing seven now.  Steering N. E. Wind N. W.

Fri 9th June

Sighted land today.  Cape Border Point also Kangaroo Island.  We signalled the Light  House there and gave them our numbers.  Took in mainsail and main t’gallants in heavy rain squall.  My 8 to 10 a.m. wheel and 8 to 10 p.m. lookout.  Steering N. E.

¾ E.

Sat 10th June

My 6 to 8 a.m. wheel.  Sighted Semaphore at 11 a.m. Tow boat came out to us and took our tow line.  We clewed up all square sail and made them fast.  The tow boat skipper told us about Kitchener being blown up on H.M.S. Hampshire, and a big battle in the North Sea.  We all went to dinner after making the sails fast.  I took the wheel from half way up the river to our berth alongside.  We made fast about five o’clock in the evening.   I was made watchman that night, in the port of Adelaide our destination.  After discharging.

This passage commenced at Port Arthur, on 21st January 1916 and proceeded to Adelaide arriving on 10th June 1916 with cargo of case oil which was for distribution up country in Australia.  Each wooden case contained two five gallon tins of various petroleum products, such as paraffin, lubricating oil, and naptha.  After discharging our cargo we proceeded in ballast to Melbourne to load a cargo of wheat for the U.K. 

R.J. Farrell (Seaman)