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China Holiday Notes

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What an amazing holiday destination rich in history, culture and with a diverse scenery, peoples and foods.


On the 25th May (2018) I flew out to China for a fab holiday visiting 7 main destinations within the country. The following is a summary with links to specific web pages where pictures for each are to be found. An overview map at the ned of this page.

•Beijing (3 nights) for Tian’anmen Square, Forbidden City, the Wall and the Summer Palace - the last my preferred of the Royal Residences, because we could get closer to see living quarters of the last empress dowager Cisi. The Wall is very impressive as it snakes along hill tops. Food of note were the dumplings, Hutong lunch and the Peking duck dinner (dipping skin in sugar a delight I had not tried before).

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•Historical capital of Xi-an (2 nights) for the Terracotta army including the bronze chariots- fab. Also a thriving Moslem quarter which is home to a vibrant and very popular food market.

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•Emei Shan to stay in a Buddhist monastery (3 nights) and listen to early morning chanting which was amazing, climb mountain and see more in this the spiritual home of Chinese Buddhism. Rice wine tasted and some of it enjoyed. 

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•City of Chengdu (2 nights): gorgeous playful pandas and 3 week new born still in incubator; Beautiful. Situated in the Sichuan province, chillies abound in the hotpots which are a delight to the taste buds.

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•Yangste river for a 3 night cruise from Chongqing down to three gorges dam, including shore vists for Temple, and a night show as well as trip up the lesser gorges for some hanging coffins and other sightseeing

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•Yangshau (3 nights) for cycling (1st time in 4 decades) in the limestone karst landscape which dots the rice fields. Tea picking and tasting.

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•Hong Kong (2 nights) for sightseeing.

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•Food everywhere was fabulous fresh flavoursome and in Chengdu HOT See individual destinations within each country

•Travelled on this 3 week trip with Intrepid Tours (same as my India trip 18 months ago), a group of 5 from England, 1 Aussie and a full time Chinese tour leader who steered us through a busy programme.

•Flew from Newcastle via Dubai with Emirates to Beijing and back from Hong Kong again via Dubai arriving Sunday 17th. Only problem has been a shortage of sleep. great airline.

•Bought 2 lovely silk dresses which will be wearing as soon as i adjust to weather (we had temps of 30 and humid during the day) and the normal tourist gizmos.

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