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China Part 7 Hong Kong

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Our journey to Hong Kong started with a 90 minute bus journey to the provincial capital of Guilin, then a bullet train of some 3 ½ hours to Shenzen just touching over 300km/h where the landscape quickly became industrial everywhere, and then a light rail to the border.

Along the way I lost my phone/ camera due to picture taking, leaving it on a seat where we boarded the train at Shenzen. Realised before I had gone too far and was pleased to be able to go back with our Guide (Francis) whilst the rest of our Group awaited recovery from my silliness. It was still on the seat where I had left it.

Border crossed quickly and the HK subway to Kowloon for about 5pm

Last meal as a Group in what I thought was a dodgy place and which turned out to be a collection of private rooms although a separate  entrance from an plain door rather than the restaurant proper.

Last drinks at a local bar on the street corner with great bamboo scaffolding.

Bye byes said, to what had been a most wonderful and diverse group and great Tour Leader Francis who kept us on track and informed and tasting new foods on this most wonderful of adventures...

On Friday it was early start for me for (no more Group) Victoria Peak and after a walk trough a city getting hotter and hotter but including the Flagstaff House Museum of Teaware, I joined the Hop on Hop off for their 2 island tours. The first of the city itself and the 2nd showing a lot more to the Island than just the city. It included Repulse Bay, Aberdeen and Stanley. his included the city sights and shops

That evening I went to the nearby night market avoiding the many tourist offerings

On Saturday it was hop on hop off in Kowloon followed by an ascent to the 396 metre high viewing platform where views much better than natures peak of Viccie the day before.

Off to airport and airport express from Jordan road a few hundred metres from hotel for a patient wait and people watch before boarding my flight and returning home.

Only disappointment on way home was not being able to get an aisle seat and Emirates has not allowed early check in online as I wanted. I take it that they wanted the opportunity to get me into one of the emergency row seats which I do not like. A small shoulder bag would have allowed me to keep my most important possessions close to me and to put the carry on bag into the overhead locker. Must remember for next time.

As I was consuming wine on the wine route homewards I was a bit shocked at the price for 250ml red house wine at McGettigans Irish bar in Dubai at £16 for what they called a carafe and a pretty one too and accompanied by a bowl of spicy nuts and all about sunrise in Dubai whose view I enjoyed as I reflected on what had been a most wonderful holiday.

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