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A section devoted to humour (of my sort and hopefully yours)

Page started May 2010 but will grow as Humour (printable!!) is received


Parrot, Blonde and Johnny (December 2011 and not in same joke)

Old, Young and brain dead (November 2011 and these are different jokes)

Education (October 2011)

Questions Phones Question (September 2011)

Age and Intelligence (August 2011)

Grandparents (July 2011)

Smart crooks or a dim council? (added 19th February 2011)

A few Irish ones (added 19th February 2011 lazy me sorry)

Received in October 2010 (added 14th November)

Received in September 2010 (added 14th November)

Best of Four (added June 23rd,2010)

Hypnotism (added June 15th, 2010)

Communication (added June 15th 2010)

How to complain to the police (added May 9th 2010)

MP's expenses (added May 9th, 2010)

Call Centre Calls (added May 9th, 2010)

Diary entries (added May 9th 2010)

Social History Lesson (added May 9th 2010)